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Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio (EEO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is:  

The BiO program was developed by Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio (EEO) in collaboration with The Ohio Academy of Science (OAS), with support from the 130th Ohio General Assembly and the Ohio Board of Regents.  NEO Innovates is a program of EEO.  

Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio

Are You Ready for the Future?  Do You Believe in Ohio” our vision for continuing our state's prosperity

“Are You Ready for the Future?  Are You Ready to Help Make Our Country More Innovative and Entrepreneurial?”our vision for continuing our country's prosperity


1) to promote student and community awareness as to the challenges and opportunities the changing regional, national and global economies present for the future; and

2) to provide educational instruction, curriculum, research, training, mentoring and other information that helps develop the entrepreneurial, economic, business, and scientific literacy of students and the community, and other 21st Century skills that may be needed for the future.

The Northeast Ohio Innovates Program:

Northeast Ohio Innovates (NEO Innovates), is a Northeast Ohio regional adaption of the Believe in Ohio (BiO) program, which was a statewide STEM and entrepreneurship program for high school and middle school students that integrated entrepreneurship and innovation as pathways to create future jobs.  

Vision Statement Videos for the State of Ohio and for the USA:

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The Northeast Ohio Innovates program includes these key parts:

1)   A series of STEM Commercialization, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Forums held on college campuses across Northeast Ohio.

2)  A teacher mentoring program for high school and middle school teachers whose students participate in a STEM Commercialization Plan or STEM Business Plan competition at their school.

3)  A full range of teacher and student support materials to help teachers conduct the program and help students develop their STEM Commercialization and STEM Plans for competition.

4)  Possible funding to recognize the winners from each high school or middle school STEM Commercialization or STEM Business Plan competition at their school.


A Note From John Klipfell, Entreprenturial Engagement Ohio's Executive Director

I was honored to attend the 2018 White House State-Federal STEM Education Summit on as one of three representatives from Ohio.  This two-day event, held in late June 2018 in Washington, DC, featured exciting panels, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities with other individuals and organizations working to promote STEM education in our nation. While the entire Summit was engaging and informative, these were the four key takeaways, which I feel sync directly to EEO’s mission:

John M. Klipfell

1.   Forging stronger connections for students between education and work,

2.   Focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship,

3.   Integrating Computer Science principles across the educational experience,

4.   Improving access of STEM programs for all (underrepresented and underserved) Americans.