Never before has our country, our state and our youth faced such an uncertain future!

Following decades of economic expansion and job creation driven by technology and entrepreneurship, our nation is being challenged on an unprecedented level to maintain its historic prosperity.  Not only are we challenged by technology advancements that have changed every aspect of life, but also by the rapidly expanding economies of China, India and other countries.

While everyone from our political leaders to the man on the street is crying out for the creation of millions of new jobs, relatively few people understand how our economic system works and how private-sector jobs are created through investment and entrepreneurship.  Shockingly, fewer still understand the challenge and opportunity the global economy presents.  If our students don’t understand these matters, they cannot help propel the future economic development of Ohio and the Nation, nor are they prepared for their own future.

About ten years ago, the Northeast Ohio community and our state began to focus on this problem. Since then we have seen the creation of economic development drivers such as JumpStart, BioEnterprise, Nortech and the Third Frontier.  These initiatives are beginning to make progress and spark optimism for our region.  Northeast Ohio arguably now has “one of America’s Best Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.”  That Ecosystem is bringing together Idea Creators, Investors, Advocates, Resource Providers and Educators with the goal of reawakening and incubating the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Northeast Ohio.

While some investment has been made in youth entrepreneurial education, especially by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, we believe that there is great need for the creation and nurturing of a “culture of entrepreneurship” across the broad range of high schools and students in our state and region.  Simply stated, we need to plant and nurture the seed of entrepreneurship in our students.  We also need to make them aware of the vast amount of scientific research and economic development that is taking place in our community while they are still in high school, rather than see them leave for college never to return.

It is the mission of Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio and the Scholarship of Entrepreneurial Engagement Program that it operates to help plant that “seed of entrepreneurship” in our youth.


This video discusses the challenge and opportunity we face in the future.  We urge you to watch it, then begin to take the steps you need to prepare yourself for your future. 

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